Planting a Conversation

Planting a conversation is a creative proposal to facilitate a conversation on the theme of care. It starts from the idea that the coronavirus allowed us to spend more time in our intimate environment. We can see this as an opportunity to take a new look at how we take care of these conditions. The houseplant has become a kind of symbol for the direct relationship between inhabitants of the city and nature. We surround ourselves with plants that we take care of, but conversely these plants also play a nurturing role in our lives. This non-human care relationship is the basis for the conversation. We will position ourselves as a mobile market stall where houseplants are available for free with the commitment to conversation as the only condition. For this, the market stall will always be staffed with 3 conversation guiders who will manage this invitation in the right direction.

The project had a second chapter when we collected the stories and drawings and shaped them into 8 different postcards. These where distributed in the mailboxes of the neighbourhoods of Koekelberg and Elsene. With this postcard came the invitation that the conversation can be continued. With who would you like to plant a conversation?

Audrey Apers  
In collaboration with 
Jan Deboom, Eva Honings & Maxime Arnould 
Postcard Graphic design 
Maya Strobbe

Supported by
#Staycation Brussel, Plazeyfestival, Elzenhof & Jungle Lab
Performed during
August 2020 
Elizabethpark Koekelberg & Viaductpark Elsene