Remote is an interactive dance and music performance with at the basis the novel "The power" by Naomi Alderman. It sketches a world in which women can send electric shocks with their hands by means of an extra organ. As a result, the prevailing power relations are reversed and current political systems are destabilized.

During the work process of "Remote" the following research questions came up; what is the effective power as a performer and what power relations are present in this project? Who influences who actually and what is the other side of granted power?

The power of dancer Audrey Apers has been translated by means of sensor technology developed especially for this performance at the RWTH Aachen University.

The movements of the dancer are analyzed with the help of sensors and thus influence the music composition in real time. The data of the sensors is converted into electronic sound filters that distort and apmlify the sounds of different instruments. All this happened under the watchful eye of the sound technology of the Center henri Pousseur in Liège. Essential aspects of the music are thus determined live and are no longer exclusively in the hands of the musicians.
Choreography en Dance
Audrey Apers 
Music composition
Paul Pankert
Kl-EX ensemble (Anne Davids - Flute,  Achim Bill -  Percussion,  Vedran Mutić -  Bass) 
Mieke Kockelkorn

Movement analysis
The Media Computing Group, RWTH-Aachen
Centre Henri Pousseur, Luik
Supported by
SALLY Dansgezelschap Maastricht & VIA ZUID, Talentontwikkeling in de podiumkunsten Limburg