Meanwhile, self-help books are selling very well. 
Self-help. What a bad connotation that word has. Why? 
Why is failure cool but when we talk about self-improvement we sound so hopelessly naive? 
Stand-up project is an attempt to reclaim our will to progress, move forward & learn. 
Stand-up project is a collective with members who come together with a specific goal, that is to provide everyone with space and opportunities for embodied self-empowerment. 
Besides this intention of learning new skills and sharing this with each other, this way of working can challange us to generate material for the creation of new artistic work. 

A first version was prestented at Sneak-Peak in January 2019 Heerlen. It was a solo research of what Stand-up Project could be in the form of a talk / performance. Stand-Up project is a long-term project that will develop further in the course of 2020.
Working title :  Stand-Up Project - Audrey Apers - When it’s not funny, we do not laugh.